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How Do I Choose the Best Pest Controller?

Best Pest Controller

Having someone in your home spraying chemicals can seem like a daunting prospect. And you want to make sure the results will be worth it. At All Aspects Pest Control, we want you to feel confident the job will be done right without compromising the health of your family. We advocate proactive pest control to…

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Termites Are on the March – Facts and Conditions

Termites Are on the March

With spring in full swing on the Gold Coast, now is the time that Termites amp up their activity, and they can be in your house for over a month before you see any signs of damage. All Aspects Pest Control sees an increase in termite cases in spring, and it usually continues right throughout…

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Birds, Nests… What to do with All that Mess

Birds Nests

A scarecrow to scare off the birds is impractical for today’s back yards and commercial lawns. It might not surprise you to know that an old ice cream bucket with eyes painted on is just not going to do the job when birds become a big problem – although, trust me, we’ve seen it! Common…

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Pest Hibernation – Is it a myth?

hornet nest removal

Slowing down and cozying up as the colder weather hits the Gold Coast, is not only true for humans, but also for pests.  BUT don’t think that pests stop wreaking havoc in your home over winter. While peak activity for pests can happen during the warmer months as breeding cycles are in full swing; possums,…

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Big Corporations versus your Local Pest Controller

Local Pest Controller

Who is the Best Pest Controller? Like many residents on the Gold Coast, you may know the names of some of the big Pest Control corporations, but getting to know your local Pest Control company, could make the difference in constant, successful pest care for your family home. It’s the ‘Mum and Dad’ businesses like…

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After the Fire and the Rain, come the Pests…and Covid-19

After the Fire and the Rain

After a very dry Christmas on the Gold Coast, with fires and then weeks of flooding rain, insects Mother Nature has brought new levels of pests to Queensland homes. All Aspects Pest Control has seen a rise in spiders and flying insects, including the dreaded mosquito, after the massive wet. Keeping them under control is…

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Is there a mouse in the house?

House Mouse

Maybe you’ve noticed a strange smell around the house or droppings near the fridge? Could it be a mouse? Maybe you’ve heard scratching in the wall or found a rat on the kitchen bench. As Queensland heads towards winter, mice and rodents will be on the lookout for a nice place to sleep, nest and…

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Are Animals Living in Your Roof?

animals in roof

Scratching, thumping and strange noises in your roof?  Chances are a possum, or a family of rats have settled in and they have no plans on leaving your home any time soon. Not only are water rats a problem for those living along the Gold Coast’s many canals, but any property can find itself with…

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Pest inspections for Gold Coast home owners and businesses

pest inspections Sydney

General Pest Control Maintenance When life gets busy with a new pet in the house, your long-dreamed of renovations are underway, or you’ve just welcomed a tiny new bundle into your life – the last thing you want to be worrying about is getting a pest inspection done. This is where All Aspects Pest Control…

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Pest Control – How to Get Rid of Dog or Cat Fleas and Ticks

Cat Fleas and Ticks

Part of living on the Gold Coast means dealing with Fleas and Ticks, especially the evil Paralysis Tick. Daily checks of your animal are advised to check for ticks or fleas. Look for changes in breathing, their ability to walk and vomiting. While supermarket and vet treatments can help assist the local environment and your…

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Why are Ants and Cockroaches Everywhere Right Now?

As we march towards summer on the Gold Coast, we will see more warm sunny days, and you might notice more ants and cockroaches on the march too. While we head to the beach to cool off with a dip and an ice cream or stay inside, these pests are looking for cooler spots to…

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Termite Infestations on the Gold Coast

Spring is a time when we all start to bloom again, especially on the sunny Gold Coast, and it’s the perfect time for stealthy termites to wreak havoc on your home. Termite activity increases in spring and continues throughout summer, not slowing down until March or April next year. And termites can be in your…

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